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Technology retailer Zeigal is a unique telecommunications company they have launched three new mobile phone brands to the British market for the first time on an exclusive basis the mobile phone devices are 
available to buy exclusively through Zeigal. None of the brands have 
ever been sold in the UK before but have been reported on by the British
media for their unique and useful features. No other retailer has ever 
attempted to introduce these brands to the country before. Mobile phones that include excellent battery life stunning bezel-less glass, excellent performance, wireless charging, face recognition and High quality screens there will truly be 
something for everyone at low prices. Ziegal offer a range of mobile handsets on handset only and contracted 
services, as well as SIM only packages. The company are also in the 
midst of a investment campaign to introduce an ambitious public 
super-fast WiFi network country-wide using a range of custom-designed